Finding a Custom Home Builder

Not all builders build custom homes. I know that’s hard to believe but some builders are production builders and build lots on the same house plans in one neighborhood. Other builders build homes from a portfolio of plans that they have and let you “customize” that home by maybe picking out colors or light fixtures. A true custom home builder builds anything you can dream up…new technology, new and innovative products, whatever you want.

KGII Development is a true blue, luxury custom home builder that works with our customers to ensure that what they envision is built right before their very eyes…making their dreams a reality.

After you have found a Custom Home Builder,it’s now time for financing! Stay tuned for next week when we bring you “Budgeting for a Home” in our Custom Home Building Series.

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“Building a Custom Home Series” by KGII Development

Since 1993 KGII Development has been building custom homes in North Walton County and all of north Okaloosa County. This includes the following counties:

After years of helping homeowner’s walk through the experience of building a home we wanted to put together a series that would help others who are thinking about having a custom home built. It is with great excitement that we bring you “Building a Custom Home Series!” For the next 8 – 10 weeks we will be laying out the step-by-step process of building your home. There will be three stages and within these stages will hold the keys to everything you need to know before, during and after having a custom home built for you.

Stage I: Beginning/Planning Stage

Stage II: Middle/ Construction

Stage III: Final/Closing

First things First…Find a true Custom Home Builder

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Finding land for your Custom Home

Top 5 questions to ask when purchasing land

Do you have land or a lot that you want to build a home on?

If not what are you looking for?  Acreage….Subdivision… and what part of town??

Sometimes one of the hardest parts in building a custom home is finding a lot that best suits a families living style and budget. If you do not already have a building site one of the best sources to help you find one is a realtor. Below are 5 top questions that you should be asking that realtor when it comes to purchasing land.

    1. What utilities are available-water, sewer or do you need a well and septic.  Is natural gas available if I want gas or do I need a propane tank.
    2. What kind of slope does the lot have?  The more the slope the more expensive it will be to build or maybe I want to consider a daylite basement house design if there is slope.
    3. Is the lot high and dry or is there some drainage problems causing a wet area.  This could cause problems for a septic system or building.
    4. Is it in a subdivision with covenants that require a certain size home or design.
  1. Is there good access to property-county road, paved or unpaved, etc. or is there any easements on the property like drainage easements.

Do you have more questions you’d like to add to the list? Comment below and share your experience. We are all in this together and Sharing is Caring!


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Budgeting for a Custom Home

What is your Budget?

The first step in the home process, whether it is to purchase an existing home or build a custom home, is to figure out your budget.  If you are going to finance the home you should first get in touch with a lender to get pre-qualified.

There are so many variables and different loan programs that most buyers are not sure which hole they fit into. VA loans 100%, FHA loans 97% but has PMI. Conventional loans can vary greatly depending on the program. Rural Development is 100% but depends on the area and a families income.

I always feel better advising our customers to see a lender to determine a more exact budget.

Now that you know what budget you want to stay in it’s time for the next step of finding the perfect land to build on.

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